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If you don’t have your own site, use our Monetiser Online – Monetise/Sell your Files & Pics, Movies, Texts and Make money and bitcoins online!   Or install GoUrl Cryptocoin Payment Box on your site – Accept Payments Online – No Chargebacks, Global, Anonymous, Secure

What Makes Us Unique

  • 100% Free Open Source on Github.com
  • No Monthly Fee, Transaction Fee from 0%
  • Accept Bitcoin/Altcoin on your site or use Monetiser
  • No ID Required, No Bank Account Needed
  • Get payments straight to your bitcoin/altcoin wallets
  • Read here how to convert Bitcoins to USD/EUR/etc
  • Global, Anonymous, Zero Risk, No Chargebacks
  • Instruction how to begin Bitcoin e-shop in 10min
  • JSON / JQuery – customize bitcoin payment box
  • Pay-Per-Product – sell your products for bitcoin
  • Pay-Per-Download – make money on file downloads
  • Pay-Per-Post – sell rights to post on your website
  • Pay-Per-Registration – earn money on site registration
  • Pay-Per-View/Page – paid access to movies/pages
  • Pay-Per-Membership – sell your premium membership
  • Working with third-party plugins – WooCommerce etc
  • Direct Payments inbetween your website users
  • Affiliate Program (earn 33.3% lifetime revenue share)
  • Free Support in the integration of Bitcoin Gateway

Register or Login on our website and create bitcoin/altcoin payment box. Use your public keys from fresh created payment box below –

Get Free Bitcoin/Altcoins Addon for Your Website –

How to identify legitimate emails from the GoUrl.io –

GoUrl.io will never ask you to provide private information or sensitive account information (such as passwords). All legitimate emails from GoUrl.io pass Sender Policy Framework (SPF), email-validation system and are designed to detect email spoofing. You should see in email header something similar to – Received-SPF: PASS (domain of . @gourl.io designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;

August 2017

Added Bitcoin CASH (BCH / BCC) cryptocurrency. Accept BCH payments in WordPress, PHP, ASP.

May 2017

JSON Format Added – Get bitcoin/altcoin payment box values from gourl.io in JSON format !

JSON data will permit you to lightly customise your bitcoin/altcoin payment box/es. For example, you can display payment amount and bitcoin payment address with your own text, you can also accept payments in android/windows and other applications.

April 2017

Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway – ASP.NET API added. Instruction here

GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Gateway just hit Ten,000 registered companies/vendors on five April two thousand seventeen !

March 2017

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway on Python’s Django –

* This example explains how you can use GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway on Python’s Django. It’s lightly adapted to other frameworks, such as Flask. (Thanks to Rafael)

February 2017

Fresh version 1.7.Ten – GoUrl PHP Bitcoin Payment Gateway Available –

* Added Italian Language (Thanks to Lorenzo)

* Fresh version GoUrl PMPro Bitcoin Gateway Addon (WordPress Membership plugin) supports Numerous gateways – Paypal, Stripe, etc + GoUrl Bitcoin Gateway.

December 2016

Fresh version 1.7.9 – GoUrl PHP Bitcoin Payment Gateway Available –

* Fresh 3rd party software added support for GoUrl Bitcoin Gateway – aMember Pro Five.1.7.

aMember Pro adds membership functionality to your site. You can lightly integrate aMember Pro with WordPress, XenForo, vBulletin, and others.

November 2016

We updated Bitcoin Daemon on Gourl Payment Gateway to latest official version 0.13.1 (with Segregated Witness). More Info

* Added Japanese Language (Thanks to Takiko)

* Added Indonesian Language (Thanks to Tejo)

* Added Grind Language (Thanks to Kacper)

May 2016

Fresh version 1.7.7 – GoUrl PHP Bitcoin Payment Gateway Available –

* Moved IPN function cryptobox_new_payment(. ) in separate file cryptobox.newpayment.php

March 2016

Fresh version 1.7.6 – GoUrl PHP Bitcoin Payment Gateway Available –

January 2016

Added German and Persian Languages. Supporting Right-to-Left Languages.

December 2015

GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Gateway just hit Three,100 registered companies/vendors on fifteen December two thousand fifteen !

September 2015

GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Gateway hit Two,500 registered companies on twelve September two thousand fifteen !

August 2015

Added Dutch Payment Box translation

Supports Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway for WordPress Effortless Digital Downloads

July 2015

Added Support for fresh cryptocurrency – MonetaryUnit [MUE]

June two thousand fifteen – Support for ASP, Python, Java, C#, Knot.js

We have added Support for ASP, Python, Java, C#, Knot.js, etc in GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment API.

Our Customers

We believe there is no better measure of our success than the trust our customers place in our services.

Some of our customers –

GoUrl Online Service

If you don’t have a website, use GoUrl Bitcoin Monetiser Online: Monetize Your Digital Content! Read Articles –

Bitcoin Live Price

Supported Cryptocurrency Coins

User Testimonials

What Users Say About Our GoURL Crypto Payment Gateway

Bryan Fresh York, USA

Anna Cape Town, South Africa

Frédéric Dijon, France

Matej Warsaw, Poland

GoURL Bitcoin/Altcoin Gateway Features

Cryptocoin Captcha

The Payment Box and Captcha are Identical technically except for their visual effect. On Signup site page use ‘Captcha’ and earn coins, for products/services use ‘Payment Box’

Fully Integrated

It is fully integrated on your website, no outward payment pages open (as other payment gateways suggest), your website will receive your user payment info instantly


Plain registration, No verification process. Just get your API Keys. No Risk, No Chargebacks. Global, Anonymous, Secure Cryptocurrency Payments Online on your website

Ultra Rapid Processing

User will see successful payment result typically within five seconds after the payment has been sent. Payment Notifications (IPN) are sent to your website and email also

Prices in USD/EUR/etc

You can use prices in Fiat (200+ currencies). It will automatically Convert Fiat to Cryptocoin amount using LIVE Exchange Rates. Price Protection Assure

Effortless Setup

Ordinary PHP/MySQL script you can lightly integrate into your own website in minutes. You will only need to edit a few lines of code. 100% Free Open Source on Github.com

Low Costs

Free setup and No monthly fee. No transaction boundaries. Our fee – 0% for Speedcoins or just 1.5% for other coins. Use your Own Private wallet address to receive coins


Utter Statistics. Secure connection for all data processing. Our Payment Gateway is absolutely semitransparent with effortless statistics validation through any blockchain explorer

How It Works

A. End User / Buyer Side

Usually there will be the following –

  1. All your users will see GoUrl Payment Box on your webpage, and some users will use their coin wallets and make payments to you
  2. In around five seconds after cryptocoin payment is made, user will see confirmation on your website page that payment is received (i.e. very rapid)
  3. Your website will automatically instantaneously receive current user id with utter payment information from our payment server
  4. The user will still be on your webpage and see a successful payment result, your script can automatically process payment and give user confirmation (for example, selling your products, upgrading registered user membership, permit unregistered visitor access to your premium webpages during one month, permit visitor register on your website, post articles on your website or pay to download your digital files, etc). All in automatic mode – no manual deeds are needed
  5. For users the payment procedure on your website will look similar visually and compare with normal credit cards for its speed
  6. No paperwork, no chargebacks, no monthly fee, low transaction fee (from 0%). Please note that during the next thirty minutes (after transaction is verified) payment will be automatically forwarded to your wallet address

B. Website Proprietor / Seller Side

  1. Install ready-to-use WordPress Bitcoin/Altcoin Gateway plugin on your wordpress website or PHP Class on your php website or use our API for ASP, Python, WordPress, Java, C#, Knot.js, etc and dynamically configure order id, currency, amount to pay, etc. Or use Monetiser Online if you don’t have your own website.
  2. You can accept payments in Bitcoins only or you can accept other coins – Dogecoin, Litecoin, Reddcoin, etc also.

See Demo1 (numerous coins) or Demo2 (Bitcoin only)

C. Convert received Bitcoin/Altcoin to USD/EUR/etc

Bitcoin/Altcoin to Debit Card –

You can ordinary open any Bitcoin debit card (ANX, WageCan, etc), enabling you to convert Bitcoin from your wallet to CASH which you can withdraw anonymously from ATMs around the world. Bitcoin Debit Card Reviews »

Bitcoin/Altcoin to Bank Account –

  1. You will need to create an account on any crypto trading platforms (Bitstamp.net or Poloniex.com or Bitfinex.com, etc)
  2. Setup so that all your received payments are automatically forwarded from your GoUrl.io account to your account on Bitstamp/Poloniex/Bitfinex/etc (come in your Bitstamp/Poloniex/Bitfinex/etc coin wallet address in gourl payment box settings). And use the “autosell” feature (auto trade your cryptocoins to USD) on Bitstamp/Poloniex/Bitfinex/etc.
  3. Using that functionality you don’t need to worry if cryptocurrency prices go down or up. Within 1-2 hours after a cryptocoin payment has been received by you, your payment will be automatically converted to USD on Bitstamp/Poloniex/Bitfinex/etc and will be kept on your Bitstamp/Poloniex/Bitfinex/etc USD account.
  4. Later you can withdraw your USD from Bitstamp/Poloniex/Bitfinex/etc to your own USA/UK/France/etc bank account

The big benefit of our GoUrl Cryptocoin Payment Box/Captcha is that it will fully integrate to your website, no outward payment pages will open (as other payment gateways suggest).

Bitcoin Payment Gateway / Processor

GoUrl Payment box (bitcoin payment processor html iframe) will automatically display successful message if payment has been received.

Other supported crypto coins have similar payment boxes (only the logos and texts are different). See Live Demo

Bitcoin Captcha Example

GoUrl Crypto Captcha and Payment Box and are absolutely identical technically except for their visual effect. Compare them.

For example, on website signup page you can use ‘Bitcoin Captcha’ and on sell products/services page – ‘Bitcoin Payment’

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