Buy Bitcoin in India: five Legal Ways to get Bitcoins for 2017

Buy Bitcoin in India: five Legal Ways to get Bitcoins for 2017

Buy Bitcoin in India: So till now we have learnt the basic of Bitcoin like What is Bitcoin and Who created Bitcoin Etc. Now, its time to understand how you can Buy Bitcoin in India. So, Im back again with some research and private practice about various ways of buying bitcoins in India.

Before writing this detailed guide I attempted my forearms on some of the Best Bitcoin Wallets and Exchanges which we will be going through further in this post.

You can buy Bitcoins from Exchanges, Marketplace or directly from other people. You can Buy Bitcoin using your Debit Card, Neft, Credit card, Paytm and even through Paypal. However paying with Paypal and credit cards is still not effortless. It all depends on the way you are going to but the bitcoins.

Moreover, the Buy and Sell Price of all the Wallets (Exchanges) vary a bit and we will discuss about its reason in the other article. So, You must have a quick look at various wallets before buying from them.

You can however, use this list as the Best Bitcoin Wallet in India as it will have all the wallets and exchanges presently available in India.

And most importantly this is truly very effortless so just do not funk and attempt to understand each and every aspect of it.

If you want to Exchange your CryptoCurrency then you must use our quick device.

Requirements to Buy Bitcoins Online in India:

Very first of all lets see what all you require for Buying Online in India so that you would have some basic idea about using them.

Bitcoin Wallet: Before coming in in the world of crypto currencies you need to have atleast one bitcoin Address or in general you can say a bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin Address is just like you Bank account which is used to send and receive bitcoins. However, I will be listing down all the Bitcoin Wallets that you can use for the same.

PAN Card: You need to have a valid PAN card as it is required by most of the Indian Bitcoin wallets for verification purposes. So get that ready!

Bank Account: You would need a Bank account to transfer money for buying the bitcoins. You can use NEFT/RTGS or any other mode suggested by the wallet.

Since we know what exactly we require. Let’s budge to the next steps of where to buy bitcoins from.

Buy Bitcoin in India

Below are the Bitcoin Wallet, Exchanges, Marketplaces which you can use to Buy bitcoins. Let’s have a quick look at them.


This is the Mobile only platform to Buy and Sell Bitcoins which is available on both Android and iOS. Zebpay was commenced in two thousand twelve as but they re-branded it as Zebpay in two thousand fourteen adding two more fucking partners. Since then the company has emerged as one of the fastest growing bit coin wallet of India. Presently they have more than Five,00,000 users in India and still counting.

If you want to buy your very first Bitcoin in India, then Zebpay is one of the best wallet for that.

You just need to do Verification through Pan Card and Bank account details. And your wallet will soon be ready to send or receive bitcoins.

You get to see the realtime price of Bitcoin in INR which is a good thing if you are looking to purchase some bitcoins. You need to transfer the money to Zebpay account inorder to purchase bitcoins from them. Once, your transaction is finished your Bitcoins will be reflected in the App itself.

Why your should go for this Wallet?

  • Being in the market for more than four years, they had build a ample trust amongst Indian Bitcoin enthusiast like me.
  • The UI is indeed plain and effortless to understand for a beginner
  • You can even recharge your Mobile, DTH, Buy vouchers of Amazon, Flipkart Domino’s at discounted rates
  • Realtime feed update which makes the app fairly interesting
  • If you are interested in eyeing the previous rates even for the last year, you can click on Rate Chart and have a look at the entire bitcoin chart in INR.
  • You get Rs.100 worth of Free Bitcoins on every successful referral.

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